Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Canada Election 2011 Leaders Debate - Hand Movements and Gestures

OK, I just got through yet another leaders debate. Watching the conflict between the words and hand gestures was actually painful. That said, here's the brief overview and points of interest:

Approximately 9 minutes 30 seconds into debate:
Ignatieff speaks to Harper about the "Waste of public money" while suddenly switching to a hand gesture denoting a very specific point of interest. Investigation on this would likely reveal some very controversial details.

10 minutes into debate:
Harper speaks of "Raise the taxes on 100,000 Canadian businesses, THEY will not pay those taxes, they will pass that onto consumers". While saying "they", Harper gestures towards himself, revealing that he is either associated financially with at least one of those 100,000 businesses, or he views himself as the single person that Canadians pay taxes to. (The latter is more likely, considering his upcoming hand gestures.)

20 minutes in:
Layton says "They supported our small business tax cuts" while suddenly switching from very practiced and controlled hand movements to the very negative extended index finger gesture.

Ignatieff starts using tightly closed fists as his main hand gesture. The topic at the time is Canada's role on the "international stage". The closed fist gesture is meant to show strength and forcefulness.

Layton's speech about "We should be bringing our troops home from Afghanistan" used obviously phony and practiced gestures. His shoulders were WAY too far back to be natural.

Harper points to himself while saying "As a minority government" and "That's what this government has done", showing his thoughts of government and himself are basically the same. In other words, he IS the government. (Or at least his political party.)


Harper: (Delusions of grandeur)
The strongest and best hand gestures for the debate, but like those of a CEO at a board meeting. Believes that HE is the party.

Ignatieff: (Delusions of being Canadian)
Uses fairly natural hand movements and gestures, but in a very practiced way (as if in front of a mirror). His common closed fists gesture shows that his platform is based on a show of personal strength and power.

Layton: (Delusions of being believable)
Layton used very grandiose gestures throughout the debate, especially as an attack on both Harper and Ignatieff. The result was a very weak series of hand movements, not at all like his usual practiced and overconfident gestures.

Duceppe: (Delusions of being an actual candidate)
While his hand gestures were by far the most natural and believable, his often pointed index finger reveals a rampant ego and judgmental attitude. Sure you can believe the words, but is that really what anyone would want???