Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hand Gestures Meaning - Rapper's Hand Motions

Here's the kind of fascinating material I was mentioning - a guide to hop-hop hand gestures, by Emcee Escher. It's from the "Rapper's Handbook"

Hand Gestures Meaning - Rapper's Hand Motions: "To emcee is to move the crowd, and to do that, rappers use their hands. Whether it’s a loose-fingered wag or tight, staccato pointing, hand gestures add an important element to performing. Why do rappers use them? Hand gestures give your verses more energy, they work to emphasize certain words, and they add a visual element to a listening experience.

The first rappers used hand gestures to pump up a crowd at a party. Battle rappers use their hands to visually cut down an opponent. Freestylers often use hand gestures to help them concentrate and stay flowing. Most rappers have certain gestures that they use more often than others, but the best emcees have a full arsenal of eye-catching movements that they pull out whenever their verse needs it."

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