Friday, September 21, 2007

More Palmistry Questions - Back to Work

Next time I take time off from computer work, I'll have to take some actual time off as well. Quite a few palmistry and other hand related questions kept me busy, not to mention regular work also. Here's a few of the interesting questions:

Q: When I close my hand and try to re-open the large finger on each hand remains locked at the knuckle. I can open up by using extra pressure. Is there a cure for this?

A: That sounds like a condition called "Dupuytren’s contracture". You can find some expert information on this at these 2 links:

Q: There is fungus under my thumbnail and although it's receding, the bottom of my nail on one side is loose. I suppose I will lose the nail but want to know how to remove it properly.

A: A doctor is best equipped for doing nail removals, especially since you are also dealing with a fungus. If you absolutely must treat it yourself, the best option is usually keeping the thumbnail cut short and let the loose part grow out on its own. It may take several months for the nail to come off on its own, but then there is usually another nail already growing in its place.

Q: I recently went to get my palm read, is it okay to share the details with family and friends?

A: In most cases it is perfectly fine to share with others the info you receive from a palm reading. If anything seems too personal to you, just keep that part to yourself.

If you were specifically told by a palm reader to not share with others anything they told you, I would be very suspicious of their motives and abilities. Some palmists give everyone almost exactly the same reading...

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