Monday, March 31, 2008

Extra Horizontal Lines on Fingers

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about the meaning of extra horizontal lines on the fingers, especially on the baby finger.

The easiest way to understand these lines is to think of each horizontal line as a 'challenge' or 'block' to be overcome, and each vertical line as a 'breakthrough' or 'advancement'. The baby finger represents all forms of communication with others, so the extra line is an added communication challenge the person faces.

You'll need to look at the bone length of each phalanx. The base segment (proximal phalanx) shows basic forms of communications, things like psychic/intuition and 'body language'. The middle segment shows languages, including mathematics and music. The tip segment shows the communications initiated by the individual (they thought about it, put it into language, and then took action). When bending the finger you will see which segments are long or short. The longer the segment, the more active that aspect of communication is for the individual and more natural talent to develop.

By bending the finger you can also see exactly where the horizontal lines are in relation to the joints. Normal position for the lines is exactly opposite each joint (except for the base knuckle).

Once you compare the joints and horizontal lines, you can see which one segment has the extra line crossing it. That form of communication skill is where the added personal challenge is. (Low on the segment is early life, high up is late in life.)

When vertical lines cut through the horizontal ones, it shows that challenge has been successfully overcome.


Anonymous said...

How would you interpret the bottom three segments being equal in length, and the top phalange being very slightly longer. Now which segment would you consider to be blocked?

Kenneth Lagerstrom said...

Do you have a photo you could upload and post the link here?

Anonymous said...

I have extra horizontal lines (very prominent) in all, but the little finger of both my hands. When I fold my fingers, they divide into 4 rather than three sections (only 3 knuckles though). I am an adult in my late 20s. What could this signify?

Amber Garnet Psychic Palm Reader said...

This is a fascinating point about line on tips of fingers and I am looking at this in a new way.

One point I do have that is I understood that the phalanges of the fingers to be divided in to material / physical at base, then emotional and then mental (tips). For example bottom phalange of middle finger being full would indicate pride in the home. I had always thought lines and creases on tips was a tendency towards worry. I will revisit my books and look again at this aspect of hand reading. Thanks for these great insights.

Amber Garnet
London, UK

Anonymous said...

I have a very prominent horizontal like in the middle section of my middle finger. The line is just as dark and prominent as the regular ones behind the knuckles. Any idea what this could mean?

Anonymous said...

You just talk and talk but you don't show any pictures, and when people ask you a question you ask for a picture.

Spastic really.