Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Palmistry Plagiarism

The palmistry scams page has another new member -

Much of his website content is plagiarized from various sources, with entire pages copied directly from

The most amusing part about this plagiarist is that in the fine print at the bottom of his front page you see his copyright statement:

"It is difficult to tell where one person's observations, theories and rules leave off and another's starts, so I don't lay claim to any of this palmistry material as fully my own, because I think it is universal truth and I am just reporting it as I learned it from others and my research results."

Ummm, when you copy a full web page and reprint it on your own site without permission, it's pretty easy to tell "where one person's observations leave off". As for "reporting universal truth" without citing sources - That's got to be the worst excuse for blatant plagiarism I've ever heard.

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Kenneth Lagerstrom said...

It was pointed out to me that even his copyright statement was plagiarized from

It's not nearly as funny though when it's written seriously, rather than as an excuse for rampant plagiarism.