Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Palmistry "Travel Lines"

Today I was asked the question: "Does the absence of a travel line necesarily indicate that the subject will not make any long travels in his life time?" My answer may not sit well with many people.

The horizontal lines on the percussion side of the hand (mounts of Luna and Mars negative) are called "travel lines" in some traditional palmistry systems. In my experience these lines have very little to do with travel, and relate more to allergies, addictions, and other health issues. Lines branching from the life line are a more reliable indication of travel.

Note also that when the life line ends at the mount of luna (shaped like an "S" rather than an arc), then the entire life is made up of nearly constant change and travel. In these cases no individual trips and voyages are shown.

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Kiran Katawa said...

Thank you for putting clarity on this Kenneth. I too had this confusion about travel lines.

Have you written anywhere about the details on how to further interpret these travel lines( emerging out of life line )?