Saturday, June 16, 2007

Working at Larger Events

Tonight's corporate event is the AFABC's "Jazz at the Station". A six hour function with about 800 guests.

Larger events have their own unique challenges. With so many people, each hand analysis gets kept to about 3-4 minutes. At a glance you've got to be able to zero in on the most significant issues or problems shown on each set of hands, and keep the analysis as direct and specific as possible. Further, each reading needs to be unique - Not just telling each person nearly the same thing.

The clientelle at larger events is usually different as well, with higher expectations. For example, the hosts for tonight are Senator Larry Campbell, Catherine Pope from Global TV, and Fred Lee from CBC.


Peggie Arvidson said...

Hope the event went well. I've got an event on Wednesday night, and am toying with buying a little sand-timer so that I don't go-over and everyone can get a reading. What methods do you use to stay on time and to focus on each individual? Best, Peggie

Kenneth Lagerstrom said...

The event went great, thanks. Personally, I've never liked using any kind of timer for readings - Too distracting. I prefer just giving each person whatever time they need (within reason). Most people got about 3-4 minutes last night, and a couple of them needed about 10 minutes each. (If there had been a lineup waiting at those time, then the 10 minute ones would have been cut much shorter - It doesn't go over well with guests when 1 person gets 15 minutes and the next gets 3....)