Friday, July 27, 2007

Animal Hands - Ostrich Feet

It can be fascinating to observe animals' hands and paws, and then apply palmistry and hand analysis interpretations to the characteristics. The shape, size and structure of the hands/paws/feet may give some insight into how each animal lives and thinks.

When my daughter and I went to the zoo on Wednesday I was looking at animal paws, and couldn't help but notice that the ostriches had only 2 toes. Apparently they are the only bird with just 2 toes (and also the fastest land animal on 2 feet). An ostrich's feet look as if the inner toe was cut off - For a bird, where the thumb would be. No thumbs would indicate a serious lack of intellect, and according to the zoo ostriches are perhaps the dumbest bird of all. (Their brain is even smaller than one of their eyes.)

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