Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Addition for Blog

I found something new for blogs (well, new for me anyway) called payperpost - It's allows a blogger to write about specific topics at an advertiser's request. Some bloggers are using it to earn a bit of extra money in their spare time. I thought I'd give it a try also - For me it gives new topics or subject ideas to write about.

When I look at payperpost it seems like a good way to optimize this blog and write about a wider variety of topics that relate to the hands. It took a bit of time to go through the setup and learn the requirements, but then is easy enough to use.

Advertisers are able to set minimum requirements for a blogger who posts on their requested topics - They can insist on a minimum page rang and alexa rank, as well as relying on feedback from other advertisers. All in all it seems like a great option to get highly targeted traffic - A bit expensive perhaps, but looks well worth it. Even if I don't keep using payperpost for blog topics, I'll probably start with it as an advertiser.

Any time the posts on this blog are with payperpost, you'll see a "Sponsored by PayPerPost" button at the bottom. That way you'll know which posts were paid topics.

PPP Direct

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