Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blog Stock Market

I found something great called "The Fantasy Blog Stock Market". Basically it's just what it sounds like - Blogs are treated like corporations, with their "shares" being bought and sold.

I stumbled onto this website by chance yesterday, and signed up as a free member right away. New members are given $500 of BlogShares cash, which can be used to buy shares and start building their empire. I must admit that I've probably spent too much time playing on this site already, but my $500 from yesterday is now sitting at a net worth of about $8.5 billion!

If you write your own blog, then you've definitely got to sign up. Your blog gets assigned a cash value and your shares start at $0.20 each. (All in BlogShares money of course.) Right now this blog is valued at $0, because it is still waiting to be indexed. Can hardly wait to see how high I can drive the price up, or maybe make it crash...

One warning - BlogShares can be addictive. There's a huge learning curve at the start, but it's fun enough to be well worth it. Click this link and start your own BlogShares empire!

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farouk said...

you have became rich man:) congrats;)