Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Free Palmistry Reading Update

Steven Galarnyk is still offering free palmistry readings, but there are now a few requirements if you'd like him to to read your hands.

Steven says: "If you are going to ask me for a palm reading please tell me a bit about yourself and your experience with palmistry (none is fantastic!). In addition if you would like to know about what your future MAY hold I require your age and your permission to tell you if you want to know what your future MAY hold. Please be patient about your readings as they are free. I'm working hard and for free. I also require that you give me YOUR WORD that you will tell me percisely how accurate I was in the reading. I REQUIRE this because I wish to grow in the skill."

Send your hand images and info to


Igor said...

Thanks for the announcement!

Kenneth Lagerstrom said...

Steven's offer has now been put on hold indefinitely while he catches up on all the free reading requests. I'll post an update when/if his offer reopens.

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I am just wondering, is Steven still offering free palm reading?

Thanks in advance,