Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Free Palmistry Readings Offer Now On Hold

Some deals are too good to last, and Steven Galarnyk's generous offer for free palmistry readings has just been put on hold indefinitely. In an email to me today he wrote:

"I'm going to have to stop giving out free readings. I simply cannot provide decent readings with so many different requests coming in. I'll eventually start giving out readings again but for the time being I must put the offer on hold indefinitely. Those who have already submitted their prints to me will eventually get a reading in their email but only if they have already met the requirements. I'm currently busy trying to catch up on all the different readings but with more and more requests coming in I simply do not have the time to address all the emails."

So for now Steven's offer is on hold. I'll be sure to post when/if his offer starts again, and any other new ones I can find.

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