Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fingernail Moons and Driving Habits

Your bad driving habits may be hurting you more than you realize - Perhaps doing as much harm as smoking 2 packs of cigarettes per day.

Take a look at your fingernails. In palmistry the "moons" at the base of each nail show how well blood and oxygen are circulating through your body. Too large of moons reveals excessive action of the heart (such as high blood pressure), while fingernail moons that are too small show weaker heart action and potential circulatory problems.

More and more I have been encountering very small fingernail moons on physically fit, active, and relatively healthy individuals. Sometimes these small moons can be attributed to carbon monoxide exposure from regular jogging along busy streets, or from smoking cigarettes. Yet in so many cases there seemed to be nothing in the lifestyle that would cause circulatory problems.

Well, today I drove on the freeway in rush hour traffic - Something I almost never do anymore. It quickly became pretty obvious where many people are getting their excessive carbon monoxide exposure. Just take a look at how close some drivers stay behind the car in front of them. If you don't leave enough space between you and the car ahead of you (especially in slow or stopped traffic), you may as well just put your mouth around a tailpipe and suck the exhaust straight in that way.

So there's one more reason to develop good driving habits - Follow too close and it's as if everyone in your car (children included) is chain-smoking cigarettes the whole time you're behind the wheel.

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