Monday, October 8, 2007

Hand Gestures Recognition Technology

New hand gesture recognition technology from Victor Company of Japan Ltd. now makes it possible to control the television without a remote.

Tech-On!: Victor Company of Japan Ltd. (JVC) demonstrated a "handclap & gesture recognition TV" at CEATEC Japan 2007, which opened Oct. 2, 2007.

In the demonstration, the company operated the TV using its capability to sense the sound of handclaps and the gesture of a hand and fingers. The TV collects the sound of handclaps using the microphone on its top and distinguishes commands based on the timing and number of handclaps.

The TV detects hand gestures in the video being monitored with its camera and lets the user specify an icon by locating the hand on it and click an icon by bending and extending a finger.

As the TV recognizes a hand based on its shape, other things like sticks are not detected. If multiple hands are detected, the TV will give priority to the one at upper right.

Good thing this technology is not commercially available - Just imagine 2 or 3 kids each wanting to watch a different show...

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