Friday, May 4, 2007

Combine Hand Analysis with Corrective Massage and Pressure Points

I've been maintaining for years that one of the best uses for palmistry is to combine the hand analysis with corrective massage. PalmTherapy is one good example, which uses techniques very similar to the Holistic Cheirology course. Just reading the hands is not enough - You really need to analyze and correct imbalances simultaneously. Here's another neat correction method:

Korean Hand Acupuncture: Korean Hand Acupuncture is a relatively new treatment. The basic premise is that the hand can be used as a microcosm of the entire human body. A smaller scale of all of the bodies Meridians and acupuncture points can be found within the human hand.

Since the hand is actually a map of the acupuncture points of the entire body, treatments can be done by stimulating points on the hand alone.

A review of the writings of some of its adherents reveals no delusions that their procedure is some sort of miracle treatment that will someday replace all other forms of Medicine. They do not even expect it to replace body acupuncture. It is seen as a tool that can be used in the treatment of certain conditions.

Of course hand acupuncture is a detailed method that is not suitable for most palm readers to learn or use, but anyone trained in hand acupuncture could definitely benefit from studying hand analysis.

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