Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hand Analysis Course 3rd Edition Nearing Completion

The hand analysis certification course currently maintains a waiting list of about 4 months for new students. With the coming release of the course manual's 3rd edition this month, however, the waiting list will finally be dramatically shortened or even eliminated.

I've been wrestling with some new software required to present the Holistic Cheirology course in the most usable format possible. Rather than the old .pdf files, the new eBook format provides tons of additional information, with easy one-click links to various chapters and topics.

Additionally, this new course format for edition #3 will allow me to offer several new palmistry and hand analysis eBooks, some of them for free. Watch for these new books coming in June!

Be sure to read tomorrow's Palmistry and Hand Analysis blog post to learn how you can get one of the new premium eBooks for free.

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