Monday, May 7, 2007

So Many Palmistry Blogs, So Little Time...

So much of the great palmistry information available is hidden throughout thousands of blogs. A bit here, another there. Most of it is no more than junk and the promotion of junk. More than one of the known palmistry plagiarists have multiple blogs promoting "their" eBooks and websites. Amidst it all, there are certainly a few gems of information out there.

Here is one great anecdote from someone who learned more about palmistry and divination than most people ever will.

My Struggle With Life: Now, looking back, i think it was foolish. The very nature of life is such: make decision, be responsible for it, if it is a mistake, learn from it and grow. Have a clear conscience.

In my quest for knowing the future, i have subjected myself to brainwashing by the masters of the arts. They will tell me "all is fated, no point outrunning your fate". I became scared and passive.

I discovered that i had given up my free will and ability to decide in exchange for "knowing the future".

The price of real wisdom is high.

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