Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Palmistry Bible" Available at Hundreds of Christian Bookstores

"Oops" is a good way to describe this one. Hundreds of online Christian bookstores are discovering that their book supplier also distributes some very un-Christian material. (The "Palmistry Bible" is just one of more than 4,000,000 different books that the company sells.) Other titles include adult-oriented and even worse material.

Worldnetdaily.com - A company called BookManager serves a St. Catharines, Ont., Christian bookstore whose owner recently discovered books on occultism, pornography and the like could be located through its website.

Now Bud Press, who runs Christian Research Service, has told WND that the company actually serves hundreds of Christian bookstores, whose owners now are facing the problem of what to do.

"One manager planned to contact BookManager and request the removal of the non-Christian and pornography materials," Press said. "But the chances of that happening are slim to none."

Carley Bortolin manages the database for BookManager, and told WND that there was no glitch in the programming that produced Playboy pictorials on a Christian bookstore website.

In a search for "Bible," among the products offered included the "Wicca Bible" and the "Palmistry Bible"." Other searches produced more objectionable results.

Bud Press put it best when he said "While secular companies like BookManager have the freedom to advertise, promote, and sell whatever they wish, Christians who own, manage, and work at Christian bookstores are accountable to God and the Biblical guidelines He has established,"

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