Wednesday, May 2, 2007

UK Palmist Tried and Convicted for Fortune Telling

Think you can be a palmistry professional and keep getting away with breaking the laws regarding fortune-telling? Well think again.

Despite having her clients sign a waiver, an experienced (and apparently charlatan) palm reader in the UK was convicted for her blatant misuse of palmistry.

Palmist misforecast her court verdict:

Martha Archer, professionally known as Madame Naomi, a native of Selby, but who has resided at Scarborough some years, was charged in two cases, with fortune telling by means of palmistry. (She advertised in local papers, and was visited by the wives of four police officers.)

She appeared to have compelled each visitor to sign the following form: “I wish to be entertained by Mme Naomi with reading of palmistry according to my agreement, and I acquit her of any intention of deceive or impose upon me.”

She told each of the four witnesses that she was not a fortune teller, but she read their palms, and told them certain things that would occur in the future.

Her defense? - She claimed that her clients were not being misled because they believed what she was telling them was "rubbish".

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