Thursday, May 17, 2007

Palmistry Magic - Missing the Point?

People think of palmistry and hand analysis in different ways. Some look more for dermatoglyphic and fingerprint analysis, others attempt to predict the future by reading the lines. Many people put it in the same category as tarot and psychic readings.

Here's something different from a blog about "an open journal covering research / efforts in combining palmistry and magic"

Mark with a fine point brush using a ink (the color of the energies being worked with) on the palm of your hand a symbol. It should symbolize what you desire. Brush the mark on the palm in the area corresponding with the desire. While making the mark say to yourself the intent. Once marked, raise your hand facing away from you in the direction corresponding to your desire. Now, our dominate hand influences the world outside of yourself in casting a palmistry spell. Your non-dominate hand deals with making changes to yourself and/or receive energy with.

The blog only has 1 post total, so I suppose "palmistry magic" isn't very good for productivity and personal commitment...

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