Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hand Massage to Help With Career Goals

The hand analysis certification course (see link on right side of page) integrates several different subjects, including palmar massage. The students' answers on their tests show how each person is progressing, and highlights areas in need of additional personal instruction.

One of the test questions is: "Which mount could be massaged to help with career goals?"

Many students miss the point and answer this question with just "The Mount of Jupiter" - Partially correct, but very incomplete. It just made my day when one student recognized this was a trick question and showed her progress in understanding the hands with this answer:

"This one is not so simple to figure out. Index finger with its ambition, achievement influences is good for this. But can you overlook the middle finger influence of determination, organization? Also is seems to me the ring finger's influence of self assurance and emotional fulfillment is called for here if one is not sure which path to take. Additionally, Mercury's communication is helpful for getting the ideal job. Upper Mars mount with its mental courage and persistence can't be overlooked either when it comes to career goals. So, I'm thinking a whole hand massage is best. But if you want only one mount, guess I'd have to go with the Jupiter mount."

I love it when students begin to grasp advanced concepts!

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