Sunday, May 13, 2007

Palmistry Sunday

I'm still laughing over this one:

Palmistry Sunday is a Sunday when people run a clothes iron over the palms of their hands in an attempt to erase the creases and fix their fates. It sort of works as they all end up fated to have burnt hands for the next few weeks.

Palmistry Sunday rituals have long been shrouded in mystery. Questions about how the second hand gets ironed abound amongst non believers, but believers counter that the second hand must not know what the hour and minute hand do in its absence.

To celebrate Palmistry Sunday, you should wear a coconut tree on your head and sing Hakuna Matata until you fall over or someone shuts you up. Then partake of the fermented juice of the coconut plant and pass out over the tree. This is also known as a passover.

OK, so my sense of humor is a tad twisted.

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